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Storm Drains

Easydrain is a simple, easy to connect rain and stormwater drainage system that drains water away from areas around your home. Use them wherever rain water collects! The channel and grate system are available in various colours to suit your home and are made from recycled UV stabilised polymer, making it strong and able to handle large amounts of water year after year.


Rainwater Pits

Everhard's rainwater pits are easy to install and made from recycled polymer to ensure years of use. Grates are availabe in various colours to suit your home's decor. The rainwater pits can be connected to the Easydrain channel and grate system or used on their own as a drainage collection point.  Use them for patio drainage, driveway drainage, walkways, swimming pool areas and paved terraces.


Commercial Stormwater Pits

Designed to withstand heavy traffic and collect rainwater away from surfaces, commercial stormwater pits are the ideal choice for rainwater collection. They are also easy to install and are available in various sizes grate choices. Also suitable for domestic use.

Welcome to Easydrain

A fully intergrated rainwater drainage system for around the home.

The world class EasyDRAIN™ Channel and Grate surface water drainage system is an innovative new product that makes installing a drainage system extremely EASY! Along with a complete range of accessories including EasyDRAIN™ Rainwater Pits and EasyDRAIN™ Flo-Way Gullytop Pit. From Drain Covers to Driveway and Patio Drainage, Industrial and Consumer Plastics has all the bases covered when it come to surface water drainage. MORE >


all you’ll need for...
  • exterior patios
  • Swimming pool areas
  • paved terraces
  • walkways
  • driveways
  • any place rainwater collexts


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